We are all about the healthy gamers lifestyle because we’re evolving and we’re survivors.  Gone are the days of living on pizza and soda pop.  Those are the gamers that destroy their health and wind up with diabetes or worse and it’s game over!  We want to live to play again!

Whether you’re looking for a new game, want to read some game reviews or play some fun little embedded games we’ve got something for you, but in addition to that we are also including cutting edge health information and breakthroughs to keep you gaming longer and your kids too!  We have become very deeply involved in the world of health so we can sit at our computer happily well into old age.  For example, are you familiar with superfoods?  Turns out, there are certain foods that really stand out from the crowd like a bear on a tricycle.

healthy gamers lifestyle

We are dedicated to serving the online gaming community with breaking news, reviews and some fun  games for sale as well as health information so you can continue gaming for years to come!

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