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This site is for gamers.  Period.  Interests of gamers, problems that gamers have.  We are all about the gamers lifestyle and being healthy gamers but we’re evolving and we’re survivors.  Gone are the days of living on pizza and soda pop.  Those are the gamers that destroy their health and wind up with diabetes or worse and it’s game over!  We want to live to play again!  We want both gaming and health in life.

Whether you’re looking for a new game, want to read some game reviews or play some fun little embedded games we’ve got something for you, but in addition to that we are also including cutting edge health information and breakthroughs to keep you gaming longer and your kids too!  We have become very deeply involved in the world of health so we can sit at our computer happily well into old age.  For example, are you familiar with superfoods?  Turns out, there are certain foods that really stand out from the crowd like a bear on a tricycle.

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There, that’s you.  On the tricycle.  All fat and furry, barely balancing your ponderous bulk with a steady pattern of leaning left and then leaning right and nearly toppling over each time.  The trike squeeks and groans in displeasure (that would be your office chair, the one you’re sitting in right now).  You need to learn more about nutrition and your health before that trike collapses in a heap of twisted metal.

How we became healthy gamers

As luck would have it, these are extremely abundant times.  Our modern world is filled with a great abundance of choices for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  In fact as you learn more about it, you discover that the super healthy stuff is actually far more delicious and fulfilling and doesn’t have to break your bank account.

For example, once you have tasted raw organic 100 percent cacao brownies made with a raw whole food sweetener like certain maple syrups or raw coconut sugar and with coconut flour instead of white flour, I mean, this is a far MORE delicious desert that is suddenly a superfood desert that is actually GOOD for you.  Imagine eating deserts that are actually HEALTHY for you?  Once you get into these cutting edge healthy alternatives, you can’t go back to the old sickly sweet processed white sugar.

Sort of hard to imagine at first, but as you learn more about cutting edge advances in nutrition and superfoods, you discover that you have been missing out on a vast universe of delicious “alternatives” to the processed food we are all accustomed to eating nowadays.

Then there’s water.  If you don’t own a quality water filtration unit, it’s time to start thinking about it.  I like the Berkey because it removes 100 percent of lead and other nasty stuff.  100 percent!  Ok, it doesn’t get 100 percent of EVERYTHING, but the more I look into it, the more I like it.  It’s also portable and requires no electricity because it’s a gravity filter.

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We are dedicated to serving the online gaming community with breaking news, reviews and some fun  games for sale as well as health information so you can continue gaming for years to come!

There are many benefits to gaming.  Helps surgeons improve accuracy and dexterity.
I always ask my surgeon if he is a gamer and if he says “no” I’m looking for another surgeon folks.  That dexterity thing matters a lot for a surgeon.  I also like the “less prone to errors” thing.  I look for a surgeon with an Atari t-shirt or a Blizzard hat.

Helps with education.  Interesting to note that students retain 90 percent more of the content when it is taught through simulation instead of reading.

Physiotherapy.  Exercise based video games are helping patients with Parkinson’s.

Of course we all know about the stress relief. Oh yeah.  Who has never sat back with some munchies and enjoyed a nice relaxing massacre of zombies for example, or ogres or trolls.
I always feel relaxed and refreshed after hacking a troll to bits or shattering a reanimated skeleton with one mighty blow from my broadsword.

Here’s ten surprising health benefits of playing video games.

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